7919 has come to an end..

May 29, 2018

Majostee Allstar supporters, 

Our journey to transfer 79th street has come to an end. We have done our best to bring this project to fruition but due to financial restraints, we were unable to meet the goals we set. Our project cost 1.5 million dollars and for the past year, we tried everything possible to ensure the success of this center. We crowdfunded and submitted applications for multiple private and public grants, like the neighborhood opportunity fund grant, but we were constantly denied. We were able to secure in-kind donations from great organizations. 

We had an obligation to pay off the remainder of the building to the church that was selling it to us within 3 months of signing our purchase contract. Because we were unable to secure the remaining funds, the seller filed a lawsuit against our non-profit for either the remaining balance or forfeiture of the building. We could not fulfill the 6-figure request so our board of directors voted to walk away from the deal. After all of the architects, photographers, videographers, and commercials we ran to make this possible, this hurts us the most. It has been a hard fought journey but it isn't over. 

As you may know, since November of 2017, we have rented the leadership center on 63rd & King Drive for Majostee Allstars programming. It has been our honor to fulfill our mission in that facility and we are still working to find a permanent home.

To the businesses, churches, and community members that have supported us, thank you. I know how much you looked forward to this project happening for our community. This facility would have revitalized the Gresham community and we are hurt to walk away. Our team fought with every breath giving tours to bank executives, developers, contractors, and celebrities to get them to pour into this center. Many of you sewed into this project after seeing the need and we are so appreciative. Thank you for opening your wallets and your hearts for our cause. Thank you for sharing with your friends to get them involved. 

Majostee Allstars programming and our search for a permanent home will continue but we are regretfully saying goodbye to 7919 S Ashland. Our full financial report on this project will be available on our website in the upcoming weeks. This email is for full transparency as we hope you will follow us along our journey and sew into us again. Thank you, 

Majostee Allstars

Im resigning as CEO .. Ja'Mal Green

April 17, 2018

Friends, donors, supporters, it has come to a the time where I have to press pause. This is my final week serving as CEO of Majostee Allstars. My journey with Majostee began when I was a child. After being kicked out of multiple schools, I recognized the impact that my mentor had on my life. My goal was to mimic that impact in the lives of other young people while simultaneously steering them toward an economically sound future.


Over the past years I have worked hard to stay on the path God laid for me. My philanthropy has been a major source of joy for me during this time. I gave a lot of sweat, time, and money to being the change I wanted to see and by challenging others to get involved.


For years, a dream of mine has been to open a youth center to help revitalize urban neighborhoods. In 2017, Majostee Allstars put a down payment on a building that has the potential to change the Auburn- Gresham neighborhood as we know it. Unfortunately my history of holding government officials accountable caused a major roadblock that I never anticipated. With the help of thousands of dollars from private donations, we were able to create a grand plan for our city that ultimately fell short.


Since then, we started our official Allstar empowerment program. We host dozens of young people in HOPE sessions each week where they are instructed by experts in major fields such as financial literacy, and entrepreneurship. Our program has utlized field trips as a way to show these young people that the world extends beyond their block. They have debated with former White House officials, debated with millionaires, and been inspired by the lives of people who look like them. All the while, inspiring me with their stories of resilliance and determination.


2018 marks the start of my next steps to better this city. Change can not happen unless WE make it happen. It takes a lot of sacrifices to make this next step, and unfortunately my resignation is one of them. Our board of directors have recommended that I step down as I move into the political arena. I have accepted their recommendation and I will now serve in the capacity as a board member. This change will protect the brand of Majostee Allstars and ensure that the reputation we have built is not clouded by my political aspirations.


This is far from Goodbye. I will always stand and be ready to support the parents, students, and community members that have entrusted me with their future. I look forward to continuing to be a voice for the community as a voting member of our board. I thank you for every donation, every comment, and all of the love you have given me throughout my journey. You made a lot of my dreams come true because you BELIEVED in giving young people a CHANCE! Our new CEO will be announced by the board next week and I look forward to a smooth transition. Remember, I will not be going far, and I will forever be an Allstar.. 

Thank you again for everything and please do not stop supporting this amazing organization,




Ja'Mal Green (FOUNDER)

Majostee Allstars

Allstar Empowerment Program has been going STRONG

March 05, 2018

Since November, our Allstar empowerment program has been growing STRONG! Every Wednesday our young people meet where they receive mentorship, and guidance in our key areas. Allstars have been blessed to have many experts come in to their HOPE sessions and do workshops, and inspire them to be great!


Thank you to the many experts who have inspired our Allstars to be successful! Sean Lewis of WGN who showed them that he worked hard from being poor to get where he is today. Thank you to Jeff Gregory who gave them insight on real estate, and Steve Phillipos owner of Homewood Chevy who inspired them so much with his story. Malcolm "MJ" Harris who flew in from LA to talk about finances! Also, Gary Mills who gave them communication techniques. Lastly, Arne Duncan who came to HOPE sessions last week who had a real conversation on how young people can move forward the state of politics! Thanks for making an impact on our young people, you have made a difference in their lives.

DONATE today to keep our program going.

Majostee Allstars Teams Up w/ Chevy

November 12, 2017

Majostee Allstars is teaming up with Chevrolet of Homewood to give away a brand new Chevy Sonic! Just submit a 200 word or less story on why winning a brand new Chevrolet Sonic will change your life. You can enter the contest on HomewoodChevyCares.com or through mail to Chevrolet of Homewood at 18033 Halsted St Homewood, IL 60430.


Submissions will be accepted from November 1st – December 17th.

The winner of the brand new Chevrolet Sonic will be contacted on December 22nd, 2017!

Click here to view contest rules

Allstar Empowerment Program

February 23, 2023

Wednesday Nov. 15th, Majostee Allstars is expanding our Allstar Empowerment Program to 50 youth ages 12-19 years old. We have been blessed with a temporary location on the south side to hold all of our programming. Allstars will gather for HOPE sessions every week where they will be greeted by experts in one of our focused fields. Financial literacy, Entrepreneurship, Communication, and Civic Engagement. 

Each Allstar will be working to become a 4-star Allstar. They will have to go through training, attend HOPE sessions, and do many hours of community service to continue earning their stars. 

To sign up your child, fill out our forms here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfbAvORiYtBWF_ltsBHhOwEdAa3u5so-VCrEVRfCZqXBr9X5Q/viewform?usp=sf_link#responses

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